Military service, it is one of the most honorable life paths an individual can take. Saying your final goodbyes should uphold the dignity and honor with which your loved one served.
We acknowledge the loss to family, friends, community and country. We stand by those that have come before us and those that will come after.
We will work in conjunction with the military or Veterans Administration to incorporate all elements deserved in a military burial, from the draping of the flag and the salute, to the leading of the memorial procession.
We will work diligently with the funeral home and National Cemetery required so we can provide the appropriate ceremonial protocol.
Police and Fire Fighters
Police and fire personnel stand among the mostly highly regarded. As public servants they deserve our deepest gratitude and respect. Because of this, following proper protocol for their funeral is very important to Greater Texas Livery Motorcycle Hearse Service.
A police officer or firefighter’s death in the line of duty is traumatic and tragic for both the relatives and the department “family.” We consider the details necessary to honor these fallen comrades and heroes with a proper tribute and burial in conjunction with department protocol and family wishes.
We will work with appropriate police or fire department on logistics and liaise as necessary to ensure proper respectful attire and routes. We will work with members of the departments as casket positing and transfer are met.
Greater Texas Livery honors active military, police officer and fire fighter personnel giving their lives in the line of duty by waiving the basic services. All other fees will apply, and schedule permitting.
We would also like to extend our appreciation for your service by reducing our basic service fee. Please contact us for details and restrictions. Schedule permitting.